Locating Sylvia Pankhurst

by Joan Ashworth

Helen Pankhurst and Joan Ashworth in Parliament Square

Joan Ashworth and Helen Pankhurst (grand-daughter of Sylvia) at the UKFeminista lobby of Parliament, October 2011.

About Joan Ashworth

Joan Ashworth is an artist /filmmaker working with animation tools and techniques to explore archives, therapy, health-states, and to make short films both fiction and documentary. Ashworth studied at the National Film and Television School graduating in 1987. Ashworth co-founded 3 Peach Animation through which she directed many commercials, title sequences and stings for TV and cinema including the opening titles for Tim Burton’s Batman. Ashworth developed and ran the Animation Department at the Royal College of Art from 1994 becoming Professor in 1998 until stepping down in 2015 to focus on her filmmaking and health research. Ashworth’s films include: The Web 1987, based on Mervyn Peakes’s Titus Groan, Eggs, Fish and Blood, 1999, How Mermaids Breed 2002 inspired by Bronze Age Cycladic fertility figures, the drawings of Henry Moore, and Birling Gap Beach, Sussex, & Mushroom Thief, 2010, exploring a girl’s wildness.

The CHILDSPLA project (Children’s health state preferences learnt from animation), funded by the Medical Research Council, is a unique collaboration between the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the Royal College of Art (RCA). The project resides with LSHTM.

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