Locating Sylvia Pankhurst

by Joan Ashworth


conference presentation

The research for this film project was presented at the 2013 ‘¡Documentary Now!’ conference, University College London (UCL), UK. This conference explored “Contemporary Contexts and Possibilities of the Documentary” with three main strands: “Malleability”; “Surveillance and/as Documentary”, and “Enter the Perpetrator.” My paper was part of the Animating History, Weaving Stories panel. Details of the other speakers, my abstract, and an edited recording of the session are below.

Dr Alisa Lebow convened the Conference.

My paper, ‘Unfreezing’ Time in the Paintings and Texts of Sylvia Pankhurst Using Documentary Animation, was presented in the session Animating History, Weaving Stories on Wednesday 19 June 2013 alongside Seismic Stitches: Animated Documentary and Participatory Aesthetics Amongst Kutch Embroiderers by Nina Sabnani (Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Bombay)

Edited sound recording.

The research has been further developed in this downloadable essay: Unfreezing Sylvia Pankhurst: Animation as a prototypical medium for embodying archival knowledge (pdf)

Sylvia Pankhurst and her son Richard. Double portrait circa 1932.
Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst Papers, inventory number IISG BG A10/754, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam